Saturday, July 20, 2013

M Lhuillier, A Restaurant?

Yeah folks, a restaurant! So we thought that name was only all about pawnshops or money transfers, right? Well not anymore. This one here is proof!

Happily alighting from that free Ormoc-Tacloban JD Bus shuttle of 2GO, (yes happy I was finally at my destination hehe), I crossed the street to Robinsons Place as friend and I already agreed an hour ago that they’d pick me up at this mall. It was already open, but am not fond of going around malls when I have got nothing to do! So I looked for a place to hang around and puff a smoke until they come pick me up.

49_bigFound a restaurant along the front row of establishments, and it had nice faux wicker tables and chairs al fresco with big umbrella-like canopies. Almost like the outside tables of those popular coffee shops. But looking inside and at their signage, I smiled to realize that indeed this was not a pawnshop but a Chinese Restaurant named “M. Lhuillier Dimsum & Tea House”. Cute!

Emtap2TxfC_M-6ABbv6hcLOt1r3fVUTrP087yXmR1aQAh, I was not on a ‘shooting mood’ this morning, so I did not snap many things. That pic you see up there is something I grabbed from the web. And M Lhuillier should be somewhere in the middle. Sorry that is a rather old and night shot but just for reference since the restaurant is located somewhere there. This pic here (which I grabbed from another webpage) is an inside view from the mall’s lobby. Anyway…

Fast-forward and we came back to this very place (after days of roaming Leyte) to have a quick dinner. Hmm, Fairly regular dimsum food. Meaning? ‘I like’ enough hehe! Ah, on hindsight, M Lhuillier does have the only taxi fleet in Tacloban and I think I saw a couple of more businesses sporting that name – some kind of a meatshop and an ice-plant! So they have diversified :)

Let’s go to my ‘livelihood tour’, aight?!

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