Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fly-by Visayas State University

I thought I might as well call this a fly-by because we just zoomed through. Our driver knew we had a schedule to follow, even if already distorted and retrofitted a number of times. We arrived at this university last night, so there was nothing much that I saw. And today, we went to specific institutions that I had no time to wander around the way that I do – wandering without much of a purpose, but where I usually stumble upon great surprises.

Anyway, here we were exiting the place and fast. I had to make my eyes open wide looking side to side, front and even back at times. Yes I had my camera, but Roy was too much a-zooming it was hard for me to snap shots. At least I have now an idea on what or where to look closer when I come this way again. Soon!

Here are some of those I caught:

Goodbye VSU for now. That was such a whole lot of learning I got there!

Let’s go back to Baybay, shall we? In the next story, I mean Open-mouthed smile


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