Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baybay City Hall “Memorial”

After the church, we headed to see the city hall of Baybay. Not for anything but just to see it as I usually do peep at such structures during my roams. And I was in for an interesting surprise! This:

And I did not have to ask what happened here. Seeing this, I immediately remembered what I saw and heard from the various news media sometime end of June 2013 – an election related riot in this very place. I think the manang at the barbeque shack also made mention of that incident when we were talking to her last night. Anyway, I gathered that the incumbent mayor decided to let this vehicle remain where it was overturned by her opponents as a memento, monument, memorial, whatever.

Nice one. Retaining it there and that way, everyone of them (both sides, I mean) will be reminded of their barbaric tendencies just to be able to grab the mayoralty post. Why? Ala eh, kelangan pa bang itanong yan hehe


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