Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Naga Overnight

This was planned. Because the flight from Cebu to Legazpi is at noontime and the trip from Legazpi to Naga takes 2 hours or so. That would have meant impractical for me to proceed to Caramoan. And while I did not have any plans to roam Naga again, it does not really hurt me if you keep throwing me into this city hehe! It has an admirable nightlife. Oh, since the transport terminal is now just beside SM, I chose the nearest cheap but livable accommodations in the area. It was a choice between Sampaguita Tourist Inn and Sunny View Hotel both by the bridge. I think I heard in my conversations with the crews of both places that they belong to just one owner, so I opted for the cheaper one.

Anyway, after dropping my bag at Sampaguita, I proceeded back to SM. Just to roam and see the place really, and for the little things that I may have ‘miraculously’ missed in preparation for Caramoan. Like? Yosi hehe! The mosquito repellent lotion too was already too negligible that I thought it better grab a new one. Of course cash! The last time I was in Caramoan, it was a barriotic place where the biggest store was still smaller than my neighbor’s in QC hehe. I have not heard if ATMs have finally landed in there. Even grabbed a resealable plastic wrap to put the dear tablet in, just in case.

This was my first time to be at downtown Naga City on foot and without any targeted place to visit. So I roamed around towards near the church, plaza, park etc., to while my time away into dinner. Ah, if I haven’t told you yet, I tend to be a bit more picky with eating places during the evenings. Not sure yet why. Probably there is that association in my head that dinner should be in a more formal setting, or probably too I tend to up the precaution that food cannot be too easy to “examine” when its dark, or my knowledge that most restaurants cook their food late mornings towards lunch, or all of those!

Lucky for me, I chanced upon this restaurant called crown park restaurant. Its in a hotel (Crown Hotel?). I went in to check it out. Hmm, their menu, the setting, the total “ambulance” (ambience) and the uniformed crews told me I should try this place. While the interiors may exude something, the place is more of a Chinese restaurant. You know, the matriarch supervising the place by incessantly walking and looking around, a daughter or relative as cashier and so on. Based on that, I already knew this must be a good restaurant! But, if you read their menu and set meals, they do have a listing of Japanese fare, so I went for my ever favorite katsudon! Ah eh… it tastes “Chinese food” hehe! Not that I disliked it, but the many summer breaks with Ojiisan has probably taught me how a Japanese dish tastes hehe. Its not just in the sauce, I think. Its more on how you cook the pork chop?! And never do you see “sunny-side-up” on top!

Anyway, not very much at ease with any more walking around downtown as the night grew darker, I just found myself in familiar territory hehe. Ah don’t ask me why, but next thing I knew, I was already happily roaming the uptoen Magsaysay Avenue area and I think I went a bar hopping. I think hahaha! Why am I saying this? Because I can’t clearly recall what exactly have I been doing or where exactly have I been to, after I complained that mosquitoes over at Dennis Grill were bigger and each bite is quite a sting than usual! Yes, these pictures are in my camera, therefore I must have been to or around these places whahehehe. AND, in between those pics, I have shots of Sampaguita Inn – that means, I went back there to probably wash up and had a change of clothing (or something) before the night went even more happily crazy!

Thanks to my ‘kaladkarin’ friends in Naga who suddenly appear at just a txt msg! You all know who you are hehehe. And thanks to the ‘dimwit’ who spotted me leisurely walking on the roadsides and insisted I ride in his minute of a toy car this time. Sorry for him I call him that since his real name rhymes with ‘dimwit’, right “Dimwit”?! Right! I am still proud, I did not divulge (I think) where I was staying and where I went the morning after (I think) hehe. Eh, to those who don’t know (yet), I often evade friends like them for otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to continue with my own roam the way I wanted it to – since they are all too ready with their extra vehicles and drivers to whisk me around, even as far as the gates of hell hahaha!

And I wouldn’t have been able to experience what I’ll be telling the rest of this Caramoan trip if I stuck with them (especially the Dimwit hehe) who can make calls to suddenly land me at a luxurious room in that luxurious resort that these friends call “basic and simple accommodations”! Hash!

Let’s get on with the morning after… in my next story!

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  1. sounds like a good time. its always a good time when you are not sure what happened the next day lol :)