Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Boat Ride to Caramoan

Off we were from Sabang shores at 9:48AM! Though it should not justify the ‘gahaman’ attempts of the boatman, I think my fellow passengers did feel relieved that we were at least already moving, amidst fantastic views as we skirted land on a bright morning, with very good weather and very calm waters. Picturesque everywhere. Good that I did not stay put on the cramped plank called a boat seat cuz when I looked behind us, there was an even grander scene. Mt. Isarog in a haze seemingly watching over our wonderful boat ride! Hey the other side of that mountain was also my grand view as I traveled yesterday from Legazpi to Naga!

Onwards more and the ATM guy pointed my attention to another silhouette, and that was of Mayon Volcano in the horizon. Though amidst clouds, we could make out its majestic shape. A boat hand told me there are times when those mountains are clearer. Must be wonderful, I suppose. Uh, I am lost with more words to describe the views. All I can say is that there is no other thing like this. Why? First, its such a long trip. You get impatient yes, but the views are wonderful if you just shift your attention to them. Second, the waters are splendidly calm so that there is no worry nor discomfort, and; Third, there is not much of a civilization amidst the beaches, cliffs and ridges along the shoreline. Fantastic!

I’ll throw in more pics at the bottom, but first, a word about our sponsors… ah eh hehe… a word about the boat crew hehehe. Don’t compare them to your boat crews going to Sumilon, Pearl Farm, El Nido, even Siargao or Guimaras. The boatmen here seem to just be themselves and wear what they do at the time they woke up in the morning. So if you start comparing, you might actually get scared looking at them. Look at our pilot hehe. ‘Jeproks disheveled to the nth degree’ look! Look at the boat hand, he did not have a care if I was shooting pics of the shoreline. He needed to take a rest, and that place of the outrigger seem to be his bedroom so he just went there without a word and laid to rest in peace! I was in the wrong place hahaha! And don’t you dare move that boulder, its his comfy pillow haaay hehehe!

Okay, here’s more of what I saw along the way…

Interesting place, right?! Let’s talk about my arrival at Caramoan itself in the next story!

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