Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Caramoan First Meal: Lunch

I arrived in this town at an ungodly noontime. So where was lunch? Rex Inn does not have a restaurant or anything like that, so my tour of the place naturally began. I walked to find lunch retracing my way back to Villa Juliana. I told myself, if I don’t find anything along the way, I will beg for Villa Juliana to whip up something. But I did not have to take too many steps. Just nearby to and on the same roadside of Rex Inn, I already stumbled upon ‘Luotng Bahay’, an eatery that, judging from what I have seen so far, is probably one of the most frequented. So I settled for the remaining tinola isda and bistek! Argh, no Coke! But I know Sarsi tastes almost near, so I went for it too! How starved was i? This lunch merited another two cups of rice, an extra scoop of the tinola soup and another bottle of the Sarsi! That hungry! Anyway…

Just outside of Lutong Bahay is a favorite ‘tambayan’ area of Habal-habal drivers hoping they’ll chance upon tourists who need their services. The ever-caring manang of Lutong Bahay told me to just tell them if I needed one and they can point to me those who are ‘reliable’. Hmm…! I said I wanted to walk this time but will definitely come back to this area if and when I needed a ride. Manang did not know at that point, that I have just decided her eatery was going to be my default dining area! So she was really bound to see me often, whether or not I would be looking for a reliable habal-habal ride hehe. It is now seldom that I see eateries meticulously placing their food inside covered shelves, pots or pans to ensure the swarms don’t come around. So, Lutong Bahay was it! I only started to lazily move out of the place almost 3PM.

Three cups of rice, remember? Let’s go around town next!

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