Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Caramoan Town Tour: The Church

After lunch, what else could I have done? I couldn’t be hitting the shores that late, right? Well, I consider myself expert at finding little things that sometimes become big amusing marvels, at least to me, myself and I. So I decided to roam around the center of town called “Centro”, and nearby places that I thought worth a peek. Those that I could still practically access anyway, until sundown and/or moonrise.

First up, The Church. I saw it when the jeep was approaching “centro” earlier, and I thought it looked wonderful. So I went there for a closer look. Yes I walked. Its only about 300 to 400 meters from Lutong Bahay on a southward direction as if returning to Guijalo. Hmm, entrance is generally by the side of the church since it stands parallel to the road but via a walkway amidst a wide grassy lawn. There is a Mama Mary statue by that very side inches away from where all vehicles pass by. The church compound is fenced on all sides, and within is such a nice big yard, front and sides. So I did wonder a bit why the Mama Mary image had to be cramped outside of the fence and by the roadside. Ah, maybe the priest thinks people still don’t see the big big church with a big big grassy lawn hehe. I still wonder!

For such a small town, this church has a wonderfully wide compound compared to others I have seen in this country. Where it faces, is even wider a lawn than the sides. And everywhere is grassy greens with some trees at various points to enhance the total lovely ark ambiance. I chanced upon a structure that I did not know the purpose of. So I asked the manong who was tending to the grounds. He explained that it was something used for the Easter ceremonies, where the angels are supposed to perch before getting the veil of Mama Mary. Ah now I know, the sugat or salubong. But the solid big and seemingly sturdy structure has been condemned for any further use and is already off limits to anyone, though they are building another structure nearby. Funny how churches spend big sums for a structure that gets to be used just a few minutes one Sunday dawn in every year!

Just like the outside look, inside, this church looks rather in the class of many olden churches in the country. I have yet to know how old this has been as I did not see any inscriptions or lapida that usually announce such milestones. But the walls are thick, brick everywhere, and the windows are too high up above any person’s head. There are not so many things on the walls and the altar is simple and beautiful without the usual cacophony of so many statues, pictures and decorations. And the ceiling I thought was also tiled since it looked like so! But when I stared a bit more, I realized those are whole sheets of plywood newly installed and still waiting for a paint job. It looked good to me like so anyway hehe. But I know they will paint it, probably light blue or white, as usual. And the church interiors will become brighter. Hmm, nice one! But I will still have to check if there is some historic significance of this edifice or if this was just designed to look like so. Its beautiful!

Let's go to another part of town next?!

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