Friday, November 4, 2011

Elsewhere at Centro Caramoan

Happy of the things I learned from the municipal hall, especially the tourism officer, I was out in town again, but found I had nothing more to see and I felt it would have been ‘sinful’ to rest in my desire to roam at such a lovely afternoon! So I just walked around for whatever else might catch my interest and there were quite a bit…

Like most remote towns, folks out here load up big on the lowly jeepney. I learned it is because its not as if these jeeps are available at any moment like they are in the cities. That one I eagerly watched from the verandah of Rex Inn and the process reviewer in me kicked. I was telling myself “the passenger who owns the plywood and water pipes should have loaded those early on. Now look at that, they’re having a problem where to still insert those when the jeep is already fully loaded inside out hehe”! Those btw, were bought from the hardware downstairs that is owned by Rex himself who was there busy answering his cellular phone from time to time. Why? Because the number they advertise as contact for Rex Inn is his personal cellular phone number. Micro-manager!

Hey, behind the jeep? Its an elementary school and a high school adjacent to it. I saw children busy at rehearsals on some event. I noted that in my mind and wished their event is in the evening so I could peep in and watch the spectacle!

The cute little green mutant dog! Yes that cuddly rubber animal that seems to be a morph of a dog and Shriek! He was finally there happily perched atop a tricycle going somewhere! Yes Jo, this is similar to those we had been playing with at the 18F store of Crown Regency Towers hehe! But there’s a story… the little green thing I just noticed was with me on that van ride from Naga to Sabang, and the boat ride to Guijalo. I have already checked-in, already had lunch and was now roaming Caramoan, but the dear little monster was still traveling? Where forth might be he and his master are destined to? It was almost sundown and they were still traveling? Gosh, the gruel Caramoan residents have to go through just to travel to/from the city.

There is a river passing by the town and some folks do their laundry down there. It looks like a big river, judging from the contours of its banks and the structures that the town made to protect itself from the flowing waters. During my roam however, it looked like water was not as abundant. Good indication for the roamer in me – no rains hehe! Hey there is even an inn at that area where the river bends. Its very back portion already hugs the bank of said river. And thus, it is aptly named… River Inn hehe. The river though is back of this Inn since it faces the road. Still, from the rooms or maybe anywhere somewhere at the lobby or their dining room, if any, the river perhaps (and the backs of many residences) is a view enough! Oh well!

Jose Rizal is not at the town hall! Yes he is not. Not even near a school nor any government office. Who says the dear hero has to have his monument at such places anyway, right? In Caramoan, his monument stands at the corner of a Y-shaped bend on the main road some meters away south of the church. Well, if for anything, its is a bit nearer the town’s wet-market. I think that market is fairly new, since the location is not that crowded with so many dry-goods or sari-sari stores. Its on the fringe of town, actually. And I did not dare take any photo out there hehe. Why? When I walked into the area, all the few men and women who were there stopped what they were doing and just stood there looking at me as if I was some inspector who would suddenly bark at them or a politician who would suddenly wave at them and throw money around. Something like that hehe, so I slowly turned around as if I did not see them!

And there was the ATM! Its inside a pawnshop. Not a bank, not a mall nor something else you would imagine as they are in the cities. Look at those brown door panels (or is it maroon?), the ATM is just behind them. Wanted to take a photo but I realized people were lined up. Where? Ah, also behind that door, they’re hiding from the sun’s rays hehe. Mr ATM dude was there but already done tinkering with it. I asked what might have been wrong with that valuable conveyance that is standing solo at probably a radius of 50kms in this part of the country. He said it just needed a restart or reset as it conked out when the town had a power failure days ago. Gosh! So traveling friends, don’t ‘bank’ on that ATM hehehe!

I was just about done roaming the ‘centro’ and there was still sunlight! Shhh, don’t tell the municipal officer I did not heed her advise. I walked to Lutung Bahay area and asked the manang there who would be the best habal-habal to take. She pointed me to a manong waiting on the sides and there I went! Where? Ah, let’s do that in my next story, okay?!

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