Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Lovely Police Officer

Look at that! She is slim, ladylike with long hair and carrying an armalite! Caught this shot as I boarded my flight from Naga City in Camarines Sur to Manila. Good that passengers before me were taking too long, I got to talk to her a bit. I asked if she really knows how to use that thing and she said “oo naman, part of training”. I asked if there were many girls as sexy as her in the uniformed service and carrying guns and she said many more are taller and sexier! She was smiling and approachable enough. Yes I asked permission to take this picture lest she get mad and do the ratatatatat with that thing shes carrying hehe!

If I were that Cebu Pacific employee, I’d stand elsewhere. It makes him look like a swan hehehe. Not sure if he is a load controller or ramp agent. Whatever, in this highly patriarchal and even male-chauvinist country, its just quite unsightly to see a man wearing earplugs, carrying a sheet of paper and standing beside a slim young long haired lady with a pig-tail carrying a high-powered gun with nothing to cover her ears from the plane’s engine noise!

And here I go again with the guards… what does this picture make out of that idiot? Yes, the “security guard” at right! Well, a better idiot, what else! What does a guard do at plane-side anyway? Check on things, log timings of things? Then you don’t need a “security guard” for that, you need a clerk utang na loob! Look at him busy with his heaps of paper and a pen on his right hand. What kind of security is he providing and how can he guard us with a pen? Tangina naman o! But I don’t blame him (sekyu) or the many like him (mga sekyu). They are just mere uneducated citizens looking for a job. I blame their leaders and the companies who employ them since they do nothing about “security guarding” but they are more of talking and walking announcements with only one recorded message – “bawal”. And when they’re in doubt… “bawal”!

Mind you, I had to sincerely salute that girl. She was quite a sight! Nakakabilib! Well yes, I almost told the two guys, aren’t you ashamed standing here and now? Scram! Haay hehehe!

Oh well… the ‘whatever’ signs of our times!

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