Sunday, November 6, 2011

Survivor, a Spring and a Fairy

Chasing the afternoon sun, I headed back to center of town from La Playa.

Along the way, there were those unnatural constructions again that I saw earlier. Some were covered with canvass, some were cordoned off with “caution” yellow lines (like the police lines) and others were just bare as they were but definitely not farming implements nor farming-related constructions. I was not even asking yet and my driver already told me its another Survivor Israel episode. Just as I thought! Some still had foreigners and locals tending to them, others were just there without people around. I smiled at seeing what obviously would be a “palo-sebo” type of challenge. At least these production outfits are touching a bit not just the jungle-like conditions but even part of our culture. Driver laughs telling me that in a previous season’s shoot, locals who saw the action were so disappointed it took more than an hour for a contestant (woman) to reach a pole’s peak and those she beat were mostly males! I asked if they are allowed to watch those shoots. He said not really but they watch from afar and hide in the bushes to avoid the cameras!

My driver seemed to have picked that I was not much excited about those survivor things. Without me asking he started to move away from the last ‘survivor obstacle’ that we passed by. He did ask if I like watching survivor. I said I do, but I don’t need to look at those things installed since I cannot tell them to anyone anyway. I know that’s how these film outfits work. No one should pre-empt their shows, so I respect it. Shhh, even the things I said in the above paragraph should be secret, so don’t tell anyone, okay? Hehe, deal! It won’t be shown locally anyway.

But driver was not satisfied at whisking me back to centro just yet. He wanted me to see more, and I liked it. So, he veered from the road and went to some spring or something. Its nothing big nor anything fantastic. But he said it is the source of drinking water in the area, reason that there is a building nearby that looks like a filtration plant. We went down to at least feel the water and oh my golly it was cold. He said people usually go down there to take baths or frolic in the shallow waters, have picnics on the sides and the like. This time though, there were no human beings it being already sunset. EXCEPT for a "diwata" who suddenly appeared behind us. OMG where did he/she come from, even the driver got a bit taken aback hahaha! The spring has dark caves at water level so I joked that he came from there. Gosh, he even said he is a fairy and he wants me hahaha!

The ‘fairy’ speaks good English and was holding a bunch of keys. Maybe the keys to heaven whahehehe. Driver did him a favor to stop talking in English by telling him in their Bicolano dialect saying I am a Filipino. And his reply was “really talaga?”. Then he started conversing in Tagalog but driver did not at all like him so he said “tara sir, alis na tayo” hehehe!

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