Sunday, November 20, 2011

15 Martyrs of Bicol Monument

Just a single picture and I learned a lot. Yes I took that picture, but in my mind I was saying “that is one big wedding cake” hehe. I knew it was some monument significant to this city, but at first glance, it looked like a cake to me! I thought that would be a good landmark for/in Naga City that should be easily remembered by travelers. But a thing led to another. I reviewed the photo in my camera and tried zooming it to see if I was getting good shots at such a time of day. The historical marker instead caught my attention. Golly this must be a big thing for it to have that black slab of the NHI! So I went nearer to read what it was saying. “Labinlimang Martir ng Bikol” so the marker announced. Wheh, there is something like that? How come I don’t know (or I don’t remember) that? I tried recalling if it was ever mentioned in Teodoro Agoncillo’s ‘History Of The Filipino People’, the textbook we used in college history (PHI – Philippine History and Institutions). Ah, can’t remember hehe!

So I read all about it in this historical marker. Hmm, heavy! I mean what a story. If you hear “ilustrado” that means in those times they were well to do and well educated people. Even ‘alta sociedad’ for that matter, I think. Some of the names have “P.” and I thought they must have been priests. They were also shot in Luneta? Imagine the hardship that those guys must have gone through having been transferred from Bicol to Luneta in those times. it takes 12 hours on a fast airconditioned bus nowadays, how much more during their time. Dahil lang sa hinala. Just a suspicion, mind you, and they were executed, 5 days after Jose Rizal, same spot!

Something came to mind… If we could apply that ‘rule of law’ to our recent times, a squad of soldiers would probably be already practicing trying to hit a smaller target, and a woman at that hehehe!

Oh well, glad am roaming around this country? There are many unexpected things I learn along the way!

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  1. Not yet gone to Naga but you already provided me a hint on what shall I do time come that I can visit the place. Being a history buff, I love to take pictures of spots with historical significance.

  2. same here! now I know how to go arond the place. tnx btw for answering my email! mabuhay!