Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to Naval, and Chamorita

After Tinago, it was a choice if we should go back to Naval via this new cross country road and call it a day or go back to Caibiran then continue circling the island via the circumferential road. Ah, a hard decision. But when I checked the time, it was nearly 4PM, and I surmised the sun would already be down and out while we were still on the road to probably just Cabucgayan or the town of Biliran. So I decided we better head straight for Naval via this cross country road!

Well good we did, because the views along the way are also wonderful! Nice countryside sceneries once more!

Oh, this photo is blurred as one hand was on the motorbike while the other was on the camera. But I took this photo because the second passenger is lugging two big tire interior tubes! And they were already wet! If they were just on the way to Tinago, fine with me. But I suspected there is somewhere else in these mountains that is probably another haunt of locals. Hmm, another waterfall? Or a river that is a tributary to Tinago? Probably. I just told myself I should know whatever that is so I have more reasons to come back to this island!

Hey, we saw this along the way though I did not see a name. But I was almost sure this is not a private family pool. It is a resort (I guess) and we stopped just to rest a bit and I climbed the few steps and took this picture. A nice respite in the middle of those hills and mountains – at least for the kids. And nearer Naval!

As we re-entered Naval from the capitol area, I hollered at my guide I wanted to pass by somewhere tograb a snack that is not Marvin's and not a well-known fast food restaurant with branches in Manila. I said I wanted to go somewhere unique to Naval or at least Biliran. He just nodded and asked me to follow.

And we arrived at this place called Chamorita Resort.

A nice breezy resort by the mangroves to the south of Naval's central area (nearer to the town of Biliran). There is food, there are rooms, there are little open cottages on ground, there are those up on stilts accessed via bamboo bridges, there is a pool table, there is a bar, a restaurant and... a karaoke hehe!

I asked for bacon and egg, none. Anything bacon, none. But there was chicken sandwich, burgers, etc., etc. I ended up with a cheeseburger that I loved (the patty is very well done to almost crispy). Ah well, maybe I told the waitress about that when I ordered. My guide said he'll only have pancit as he was not that hungry. But our eyes grew real big when it came. Hehe, it is probably good for 3 persons as it came with 3 forks!

Okay, end of day, we leisurely cruised across center of town, then northwards to Marvin's Seaside Inn. I still caught the sunset from my usual perch!

Hah, all of about 80 to 90 kilometers on motorbikes WITHOUT helmets hehe!

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