Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Talahid Beach Discoveries

Still in Almeria, but after the Bagongbong Falls, we headed onward north and reached this beach called Talahid. There are resorts here, from those with rooms and other amenities like swimming pools to those that are simple little open huts called "cottages". The sand i this beach is a little bit different from many we see. It is generally called "white sand" but there are shades from a bit yellow to a bit gold to even a bit orange or red. And coarser. A wonderful place just the same.

And there is that island I never got to visit! It is even clearer a view here than at the poblacion. Oh well. And it does make for a nice background when people take their pictures on this beach.

Yep, that time of day caught up with us at this beach. What with the long stay and long walks to/from the Bagongbong Falls. Well what a chance! We rested at a 'cottage' owned by Mang Nestor whose other main business is "Lechon Manok" prepared and cooked at another hut just a few steps away. I said 'what a chance' since this was my first time to encounter such delectable fare cooked differently from the usual we see all over this country.

How do they do it? They hang the marinated birds in some kind of concrete oven where fire is created and maintained using firewood and coconut husks. It's a big oven but low on the ground to about the height of my waist. And fun watching Mano Nestor and family whip up everything. I did not ask what things they put in that marinade since I have no plans of replicating it myself. But they let me see every part of that "pugon" that I wanted to see. They even opened a portion for me to see the chicks hang-cooking.

And it looks good, tastes good and smells good too! No wonder some folks who were not even having a picnic at this beach were also lined up to get their lechon manok. My guide says Nestor's is already a byword in this area due to the unique taste of their lechon manok. I do not wonder since I finished a whole bird myself hehe. Notice that man getting the green plastic bag? He is not part of the crew hehe. He is also a customer like me. Naki-pose lang hahaha! And as I observed, I realized that not all customers buy the cooked/grilled chicken. Yeah, some of them just buy it raw (dressed chicken) and (though I did not see a transaction) there is signage that says they also sell live chicken. But that probably is not for you and me, right? Unless you really wanna bring a white 'ugang' along as you tour the island hahaha!

There is no puso here like you would see all over Cebu or Ormoc, by the way. So, aren't you curious how we got rice to go with our delectable chicken? Mano Nestor's family cooked for us and even lent us utensils! Aw, of course we paid it!

This one was on my cottage. Nice quote, except I defer on the word "differ" :)

That is to the right of my cottage. See that red house? That is the resort that has a swimming pool (VRC?). But it does not have a sandy beach. Why? Because they have built the facility all the way down to the water's edge.

Anyway, on this sunny but breezy day, I actually felt like not moving anymore, and very tempted to just sit here until sundown. But my objective was to round the whole island. Ah well, I forced myself to get up and move on.

Let's go there next...

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