Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tinago Falls

This is the bigger waterfall and most popular in the province. Yeah, the area has been a bit spruced up, thus, even if it is also far from the main road, easier to approach than this morning's Bagongbong Falls. Tinago Falls is somewhere in the lower-middle portion of Biliran Island (part of Caibiran). There are no nearby communities, so one really has to 'commission' special transport for a visit. But my driver told me some folks come to this place riding tricycles. Gosh!
If this is your only purpose, don't do what I did by circling the top half of the island first before heading this way. This waterfall is just probably some 15 or more kilometers from Naval via the cross-country road. Not sure about that but I strongly believe it cannot be a 20km stretch.
Ah, the drop is high and strong. But unlike waterfalls in many other places in this country, that very area where the water pounds earth has no barrier ropes nor anything like that. And (at least during my visit), there seems to be no one who would censure on whatever you do. So, if you're going on your own, be careful. Going directly under that mighty drop of tons of water would be stupid. It's such an awe a view anyway. And the swimmable 'pool' will chill your every bone!
Lastly, there are signage – even a big tarp with lengthy park rules stipulated, yet I could see traces where previous visitors left plastic and foil food wrappers, plastic glasses, even bottles. May the ghosts of nature bless them! Is it really hard to get your own garbage and bring them to the nearby trash bins? Ah well, people.

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