Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Falling for Bagongbong Falls

This was not in my itinerary for I did not encounter the name on the web. But I was gladly surprised when my guide asked as we exited Poblacion Almeria "sir, pupunta ba tayo sa Bagongbong Falls"? Without hesitation I said yes yes yes! And, off the main road we went.

Where is it? It is still part of the town of Almeria (barangay Caucab?) but let me caution you it's not near! Fortunately for me, my guide just knew and had been to this place once since he has relatives who live near there. He even got his younger cousin to "guide" us! Again, it's not near hehe! See that picture? That is the one and only such signage along the way that I saw. Where that is posted,  is I think the house of one of their barangay officials in charge of collecting entrance fees. You look for a place to park your motorbike in this barangay since you will start walking from this point! Kilometers!

I can't estimate how far we walked from that point as the road/path was up and down twisting. I do know that we started walking at 8:32AM,  and arrived there at 9:06AM. If it is any consolation, some stretches are already concreted but the best place to leave bikes (according to my guide) is/was at that barangay as at least there are houses and people there. The rest of the way are hills and mountains with nothing but grassland or plantations. Perhaps when that road is finally concreted all the way, there might be somewhere onwards where people can park their vehicles.

It is not an easy walk too – even at the concreted portions. Why? Because it is mainly going uphill and the roads/paths are steep up or steep down. Tip: keep looking back every time you walk uphill. Why? Because the views of the lowlands and the sea are breathtaking! Plus there are views of 'rice-terraces-like' plantations along the way! Then your final descent is on a slippery path down to the waterfalls. Just going on that downward hike would already give you a hint what you must ford coming back up after Bagongbong Falls hehe.

That exactly happened to me and I think I almost gave up. Almost lang!

Oh! From that barangay where we paid the P10 entrance, there is no store nor even a residential house where you can beg or buy water from! I did feel thirsty along the way, and OMG what an ugly feeling! Good that there was a manong amidst the thickets, and my guide personally knew him. He was harvesting coconuts, and we did not even have to ask. He probably heard me whining from meters above where he was because his first word was something like 'do you want?"!

And then, the falls...

It looks small compared to many I have seen. Probably just 10 to 15 feet. But just like other falls, it also has a very strong flow. And, its not cold, its crazy cold hehe.
And (as I suspected), we were the only human beings around (that's my guide and his younger cousin who guided us)! On a Sunday? Well, maybe we were too early (thankfully), or maybe not many locals like the long walk. I can only imagine, if you were to have a picnic here, you'd be lugging heavy things on that long walk!

Tip: Do not be contented looking at that main drop of this waterfall. Try veering to your right (a bit downstream from that area above), you'll discover that there is a mini-waterfall with a good place for cliff diving/jumping or just have fun and frolic at where the water rushes down. Careful though, that water rush is very strong and some portions are slippery with moss!

When you are done enjoying this little paradise, you may then wish you could call 911 for a quick airlift to where you parked your motorbike hahaha! Otherwise, face reality and do that long walk back!

By the way, as some of you might have read in my other stories, I am very fond of walking. But the walk that I like are not as 'arduous' as this hehehe. There are too many steep uphills and downhills. And it is not easy walking down a steep incline even if it is concrete. It hurts the bones! There were times I would walk backwards while descending. Am not sure its scientific, but it somehow eases the whatever!

BUT, Bagongbong Falls was a very nice find! I'd like to go back there with friends someday – when that road is probably finished all the way to a nearer spot where you can safely park vehicles.

Here are more images on our way back:

When we retrieved the motorbikes and said goodbye to the boy (guide's cousin), my chinky eyes grew a little bit wider when he told me, next time I visit he can take us to any of the 5 other waterfalls in this town! OMG! There are FIVE more! Ah, let's hope they're not also that far a walk! Next time.

Let's move on?!

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