Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hola Almeria!

We are not in the Meditteranean, okay? We are just in the province of Biliran, Philippines! But yes, this Almeria took its name from that Spanish 'original' hehe!

This town is not far from Naval. I think it only took us about 5 minutes driving our motorbikes at leisurely speed. Beautiful tree-lined road exiting Naval, then some rice fields left and right, then a similarly lovely entrance to the town of Almeria! Are those called century trees? They look stoically beautiful lined on both sides of the highway. Not very clear in this picture, but that thing far down the road is a welcome arch to "Poblacion Almeria".

That is their municipal hall. Cute. But I had a hard time taking photos as the sun was still harshly behind it. Ideal photo-ops time would probably be from noontime to afternoon, but I was there early at just a little past 8AM. I think (not sure) their church is even bigger than the municipal hall. And I think (almost sure) that both church and municipal hall can fit inside that humungous multi-purpose building!

Their church is being spruced up and a mass service was in progress, so I could not also freely take pictures. The interesting part with being in rural towns like this is that on arrival you immediately catch attention of the townsfolk. Not that they despise you, but they get curious and usually stop everything they do just to ogle at you, or be ready to answer anything that you might ask. This here was one case where most of those folks attending mass from outside the church faced and looked at us instead of the altar hehe. Someone even came near me to ask if I was looking for anything!

How much more if you really needed help, right? You only have to talk to at least one person and the news will spread like electric current! I think this is why many foreigners love this country. The first time anyone sees you, they immediately think you need help. And all seems ready. Hah, walang ganyan sa states! Even at other Asian places! Anyway...

My guide told me to follow him and we went towards the water's edge. Wow and oh my! What a wonderful morning view. He told me that nearby island is Kapinyahan Island while that one farther away is Dalutan Island. Hmm, or was that the other way around?, I did not pay attention well on that info. My bad! But I was told both are good picnic destinations, no residents there but with strips of white sandy beaches! Whohoa!

So I asked if we could go there.

And we started asking people we chanced upon at this 'beach with a seawall'. There were very few of them! Ah, and we learned that the regular trip 'might' go at 10AM, ditto for a special trip since most of the boat owners are still in church for their Sunday mass. Awrrr, we could not spare about two hours of waiting, so I said we better move on and I'll just dream for another time to be back in this town! Ahhh!

I did not suspect I would see and dream of those two islands again. Argh!

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