Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Naval Grammar

Am still in Naval, Biliran and you should already know how to pronounce Naval when referring to this place, okay? But the atrevida in me itched, so mag-atrevir tayo hehe.

That above, is a picture of my way from Naval’s central area going to Marvin’s Seaside Inn – taken as the trike rolled on the highway. And that thing hanging is of course the ID of my trike driver! Curious, I jokingly asked if it was a fake. He said no (and I think indignantly hehe). He even told me that Naval is such a small town anyone would readily notice if someone is brandishing a fake ID or not – therefore it’s not a good idea. Agree!

When he asked why, I told him his ID picture looked 10 times more handsome than the real him in the flesh. Ah, that made him laugh – for in fact I was telling the real truth and nothing but the truth so help him God hehehe! He did say that the ID picture was taken some years ago when he was younger, and that he did not have extra money to have his photo taken just for this ID. And he was grinning. At least I know I made an otherwise glum driver happy today. Yey! But I did not anymore tell him I disagreed with how some of the things in that ID were written. Wrong grammar! And, beyond grammar, what is a "mini-tricycle"? I wonder hehe!

Navalenos Association of Mini-Tricycle Driver Operator Inc.” something is wrong, don't you think? DriverS? OperatorS? “Drivers & Operators”? But that is even debatable since they could say ‘that’s how we want to call ourselves’, right? Very right hehe!

But how about this:


Hmm, let us say there might be something not captured by the photo before the word “authorize” (which I doubt), still, it does not seem to make sense, right?

And when you give authority, that would either be “to drive A mini-tricycle” or “to drive mini-tricycleS” di ba?

Anyway… and a friend adds, “look who is giving the authority, it’s not Susan, it’s somebody else’s signature”! And I said “yeah, it’s the signature of the trike driver himself” hehehe!

Now now… who said it is not fun in the Philippines? My roaming around these islands can even be a grammar school in itself!

Oh well well well, baho ka’g tiil!

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