Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interesting Dinner Place in Naval, Biliran

I said I already had lunch at Marvin's so I asked the staff where might I go for dinner to see and experience more of Naval especially at night. They immediately started offering suggestions, but I did not seem to like the places just listening to their descriptions. So, I clarified saying I wanted to go where the common folks (children to grandparents) of Naval would go to for dinner. In fact I summarized that to "saan ba madaming kumakain pag gabi"! Their consensus was I should go visit a place with a name that sounded like "wilowisa"!

So I took a trike and told the driver to bring me to "wilowisa". Voila, I arrived at the place to realize that its name is actually WELUISA. But yes, I discerned, how else would anyone pronounce it fast but "wilowisa", right?!

WELUISA is not your new spanking fast food joint (there is none yet in Naval)! It is an eatery, a bakery and a store for almost everything about eating. See the sign? They also sell balloons! They even sell Goldilocks products, Gardenia products and of course cellular phone "load" (top-up) hehe. Yes I agree, this is where the people of Naval go for snacks or dinner. I noticed there were still many customers at 810PM. Some were eating, others lined up at the counters for breads, cakes or siopao. Food here is turo-turo style, but served in chafing dishes as if you were at a buffet!

A few inches outside the entrance door are grill stalls also owned by WELUISA. And that place seems busier – for the grilled chicken / liempo or various kinds of barbecue on a stick that Filipinos are used to, including hotdog, atay, etc! Brisk! I asked that lady in charge some questions and she told me something like they are the "go to" place for grilled things in Naval whether it be for dinner, parties or inuman. I could see proof, there were still some folks waiting for their orders to be ready, though the same lady told me she could finally breathe as it was busier an hour before.

But the things that made me smile were from the inside of this eatery. Those big and bold religious quotes painted all over the walls from eye-level to up at near the ceiling. They are just everywhere, some even very lengthy, but just the same nice to read! Here are some of those:

I say the WELUISA food is nothing great, but those biblical quotes everywhere made the smilingly interesting difference. Especially this:

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