Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taking The Credit Too Much!

This is true everywhere in this country anyway – politicians putting up big and expensive signages just to announce that they sponsored this and that or those and these. As if their constituents really owe it to them.

Anyway, this one caught me curious. He/She or probably the political rival, had the face covered with a patch of some white material. Plus, some writings on the lower portion of that “billboard” was 'covered' with white paint.

Don’t you wonder why? I do.

Whatever the case or circumstances, my take is, it would have been easier to tear the whole ugly eyesore down. It just distracts motorists anyway.

Let me attempt to translate what is written…
“Our concreting of the Cross Country Road is finally done. We did in 2 years and 5 months what has not been done in a long period. My promise has been fulfilled”

This is at the cross country road in Biliran island/province from the town of Naval to Caibiran. Putting such an “announcement” is rather too forward if not outright bombastic.

Oh well, what else is new with the politicians of our times?

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