Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sagbayan Peak Peek

What made the driver scratch his head? His very own stories hehe. As we forded the long causeway from Clarin’s wharf to center of town, manong trike driver told us other things to see around the area. He mentioned islands, islets and sandbars. Then he said Sagbayan Peak is just near and he sometimes brings his family there. So we told him to take us there “as in now na”! Hahaha, he hesitated, and scratching his head he said it was Good Friday… but we persisted. I even joked telling him it was his fault he told us about it so we got excited. Finally agreed! P200 for two of us passengers on the tricycle, from Clarin to Sagbayan Peak, back to Clarin and onwards home to Tubigon. Not bad!

Sagbayan Peak was in my list but was planned for tomorrow when we would roam more of the northwestern and middle parts of the island circling back towards Tubigon. But here was an opportunity to peek at Sagbayan Peak, so we went for it. Ah manong driver should actually be a tour guide. He knows just where to stop and what to show us. That picture on the left is an example. Those scenes were behind us as the trike clambered up the hilly highway, so we were never aware of it. But he stopped to let us take those exhilarating views of Clarin and environs. And he even told us about those islands and islets highlighting what is good to see/do at each. Wow! But hmm, I forgot all of what he said now hehe! Real wow!

In no time, there we were, at the entrance of Sagbayan Peak and were surprised to read that announcement. Well, it was only past 9AM and we thought that was time enough for us to see what Sagbayan Peak is. Manong trike driver told us to go enter the facility and that he will circle around the hill, park there and wait for us at the other side. At entrance, we asked the ticket-woman why the place was being closed at 12NN. She said they needed time to prepare for the religious activities that would take place in the area (something like a via crucis activity). I even asked if we the public cannot take part in that “activity”, but with a shrug to convey she herself did not fully understand well, she said it was a private thing for the owners. Oh alright…

So what is this Sagbayan Peak? Wow! I must say better than the ‘usual’ Chocolate Hills that people flock to over at Carmen. This one is a park with many things for the family – not just a steep climb of stairs until your tongue touches the ground where there’s nothing more at the top than a ridiculous wishing bell hehe. I mean the vistas from any viewing area in Sagbayan Peak seems better as you really have a nearer view of the hills around. Fact more is, when you go down to exit the place, part of the road passes by the side of some hills where you can go for a closer photo-op. Lovely? Splendidly so!

As for the park, there are themes for each area, there are eating places… and they have a website hehe. So go there for more! This time, let me just randomly drop some of my pictures…

Aight, after the waterpark, we descended from the hills, zoomed through Clarin and were back in Tubigon at 11:47AM of a Good Friday... now what?!

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