Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Isla Hayahay

After the “picnic area”, the causeway continues amidst mangroves where we could see some wild birds and lizards. Ah, like them, fish would surely be happily procreating somewhere down there, as this mangrove area is still lush. I do hope they’ll keep it that way for a long time because, really, as we forded in the newly-made road, somewhere in me was saying “here we go again, encroaching on what otherwise is/was a place for earth’s other creatures”. Anyway, we arrived at the island where an arc ceremoniously welcomes every visitor. Welcome to Pangangan Island… now what hehe. Well, we asked the manong driver to bring us to the first and nearest resort along the way. He gladly obliged and told us that the road going there is better.

Isla Hayahay. This is a resort. Yes, in Pangangan Island, Calape, Bohol. The first one of a number of resorts we saw in our clockwise roam. First impression? Well, I was impressed! This tiny resort is orderly, clean and very obviously well maintained. I liked walking on the gravel path. And, if grass is not possible, I wish all resorts can just have this instead of cement. It does not reflect too much heat from the sun. Nice cottages too, each has a little porch area with bamboo furniture for anyone to just chillax alone or with occupants of other rooms. Oh, rooms? Each has TV, air-conditioning, bed for two and the bathrooms are tiled clean. Feels even tidier than many expensive resorts I have been to. I think there are only 8 such rooms, since each cottage is duplex type and I think too I counted only 4 cottages.

Reception btw and ironically is way inside the grounds, way past all the rooms and nice manicured lawns fronting them. But its such a nice native bamboo hut with nipa roofing and that kind of native-style wall made of thin bamboo strips woven with a design like a mat. Hey, I think the posts are of real coconut tree trunks while most of the wood materials are coco-lumber. I like the contrast that this native little nipa hut creates with the presence of new worldly things like a telephone, modern external wall lamps, that hanging hard plastic signange that says “open” on one side and “closed” on the flipside with the big logo of a credit card company. Plus, that bigger than usual Chinese “ba gua” to ward you the evil spirits away. Yes, you hehehe!!!

The simple but airy open restaurant and bar towards the waterfront is also clean and there are even cloth doormats at both entrances. Seeing those, I removed my footwear to enter the place and a housekeeper immediately told me I did not have to. I told her I love the feel of my bare feet on clean ceramic tiles, cool during the day and warm during the night. Good that I was first to enter cuz my buddy followed suit, so did a foreigner who was one of the resorts only two guests during that day. Ah well, my reason for the action was probably just a superficial manifestation of a deeply rooted and real Pinoy trait – removing footwear to show respect when entering someone else’s abode. Indeed, this resort has the look and feel of a real Pinoy home dotingly taken cared of by a meticulous mother hehe. Now that’s what I call veeery homely. This restaurant building has a second floor but we did not anymore go u there. Anyway…

There is no sandy beach. But as if to compensate for that, this resort has a nice little boardwalk near the rocky water’s edge where sunning chairs line facing the sea. There is even another set of those bamboo chairs and table that makes like a lounge over at a little corner under the breezy shades. Ah these are all under the shades of trees, but there are even a cute little kiosk with native nipa roofing and that square canopy made of a bright blue plastic material. This boardwalk’s baluster is made of bamboo too, but with concrete posts that have globular outdoor lights. Nice. But that’s not all to complete the picture... there is a swing hanging from one of the tree branches and a very inviting hammock doing just the same from other branches.

While there is no beach, the waters in front of the resort have clean white sand. And a little bit beyond that are what looks to be very good snorkeling areas. Ah, go a little bit farther and there is that fishing contraption called “bonoan”. Too conveniently near for guests who might be interested in making a cursory of what the thing does to catch fish and how it is made. That is if the owner will allow you hehe, I did not ask if that too is owned by Isla Hayahay. Elsewhere, the rockies become very good vantage and/or backdrop for some photo ops. Otherwise, as there are trees and foliage everywhere, the rock crevices are good to perch on while you lookout unto the green and blue waters just thinking about nothing or dreaming about everything. Hah… nice place…

Hey, am not telling who, but out on the road, as we waited for a trike ride onwards, I learned that locals have spotted at Isla Hayahay, a nationally recognizable dude together with an equally famous lady. The tsismosa of a lola who confided that to us said the couple seem to consider this resort as a hideaway and probably a love nest. OMG, them? Together? OMG!!! Well, good that am not particularly interested in the lives of ’those’ famous personalities hehe. Really now?! Hehehe… ahhh he he he… But too wise of them to pick this place. Its a real hideaway.

Lets go to the next resort, k?!

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  1. Bohol really has a lot to offer... thanks for sharing...

    by the way, i like your site... i've added you on my links... =D

  2. I can feel your being "comfortable"( the way I translate "hayahay") in that seemingly comfortable resort. I'll surely follow your footsteps and hear that gossip straight from the horse's mouth he he. BTW, I won the GoPro Hero Camera contest, thanks very much for the support. The camera will be shipped by the end of this month when Dave and Deb shall return to Canada from their Jordan trip.

  3. Definitely Philippines is a country reach of beautiful natural resources...Beaches there are great and unique...^_^

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  4. This place looks amazing. I have heard many great things about Bohol and hope to be able to take my kids there sometime soon.