Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Glorious Morning @ Tubigon

Yes, a really glorious morning! Sabado De Gloria e!

And I was excitedly primed for another fine day of roaming. Hmm, at 6:42AM, I was already at the hotel’s balcony, tinkering with my lowly camera and listening to prayers and music from the church! I thought that was a better way of waiting for the companion to emerge from the bathroom as that usually takes decades. What music? From the church? Ah yes, most churches in this country install loudspeakers so they can let any sound from the ongoing activity blare out to the whole town. And mind you, that is a highly debatable topic – at least amongst my co-workers in a company that takes “diversity” seriously. You want me to instigate? Here’s a point of view (not necessarily mine): let the protestants or the INK install those speakers in their churches and many will complain hahaha! Anyway, I thought I liked the old lady taking it solo on the microphone. I think they were praying the rosary.

Oh, just to capture the sound, I put the ‘video function’ on and I oscillated my body like an electric fan does. So I looked like I was trying to shoot something on video, but actually, I just recorded the old lady’s singing hehehe. See?! My travels also require me to be ingenuously ingenious, at times! I think that’s a.k.a stupid hehe! But click this video if you really wanna hear what I captured! Up to you if anything you see might be considered appealing cuz for me it is appallingly appalling hehe! Again, I remind you, I did this just to capture the sound/s. There were birds at least!

Let’s keep it this short. What am I trying to say here really? If you are the type who does not like the blaring church sounds in the morning, avoid rooms at The Monina’s facing the church. I must tell you, the dear old lady sounded definitely much better when heard from inside the church.

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  1. Wow, perfect place to rejuvinates and refresh yourself from stressful life here in the city. Let's travel there.