Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From Tubigon To Calape

Happily settled at The Monina’s in Tubigon, we just dumped our bags on our beds and set out to start roaming the area. But let me delay my stories on Tubigon until the last part of this series, so I can lump everything in just one story as we stayed there for 3 days. This time we went to a town named Calape. I guessed it right, this town got its name from that delectable rattan fruit called ‘calape’ in most of central and eastern Visayas. Nothing that I considered a must-see in this town, at least from the little that I have surfed on the web. I just wanted to see the place. Though, as I always say, throw me anywhere and I will surely stumble upon something worth my while. Calape is one such surprising example.

I knew there are a few and ugly bus rides on the island of Bohol with erratic schedules, such that when we saw the first available V-Hire calling out for passengers, we asked if it was on the way to Calape. Conductor said yes, so we jumped in. Oh yes, most V-Hires in Bohol have conductors hehe. Uneventful travel of just about 10 or 12 kms worth P30. Wasn’t that expensive? P30 for 12kms? Anyway, I told the conductor to let us off near the church. He replied “sa Mercado lang sir”. When I asked why, he told me that there is no 'public utility vehicle stop' at the church area and it is only at the public market where they can load or unload passengers. Good enough, I thought, so I said “ah, okay”!

This V-Hire ride is more like a jeep or bus ride. Meaning? They stop at the sight of every human being standing along the roadsides, even if obviously not waiting for a ride. Hah! Anyway, in just about 20 minutes, there we were in the town center of Calape. Hmm, big and clean public market, though I’d be happier if the building was in a different color. Something lighter, perhaps? But we did notice that that color seem to be the preferred style of architects and engineers these days. Did you notice that? Along with murky yellows, greens, browns and other hues they call “earthly colors”, right? But there are even grays and purples like at the LRT3’s stations hehe. Ah, just keep going around and you’ll see that most new or newly repainted buildings and houses in this country come in those colors!

Anyway again, our intent to roam the insides of this public market was thwarted. Why? Because we saw the spires of something that looked interesting… their church! So let’s go there…

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