Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Other Resorts, Pangangan Island, Calape, Bohol

Okay, now… we were out of Isla Hayahay then what?! Am not that easy to give up when on an island, so I suggested we move on and continue touring the island in clockwise direction to have a look at what else we might find worth a peep. I asked the tsismosa of a lola by the roadside what was next to see on that road. After saying “nothing”, she recovered saying there are other resorts onwards. So we decided to go for them. The nearest was one called Dream Island. We asked if it was far, she said just a little bit onwards. We asked if we could walk to it, she hesitated but said yes. So we walked…

Dream Island Beach Resort. This resort has very big billboard by the roadside. Then you walk a bit from said road to the resort premises itself. Hmm, what a contrast. While there is big signage by the road, the resort is kinda ‘whatever’ and seemed desolate. Their cottages are the kind of open type native huts with bamboo tables and benches that are very commonly rented along public beaches. We tried eeking our way through the foliage and am not sure if we saw cottages or anything that we might consider accommodations or rooms. Anyway, desolate as it is, we saw two towels hanging from one of the cottage benches. So we tried calling out for any human being around. None, not even a dog or anything moving that has legs hehe. Gosh. So we left the place and walked back to the roadside.

Treasure Island Beach Resort. We did not go there, thanks and no thanks to a pesky old man of a tricycle driver. As we waited by the roadside just front of the big Dream Island billboard, a trike came along and still had room for two at the back. We asked the manong driver what resort was onwards on that road, he told us Tresure Island and invited us to hop on. We reached a corner of the cemented road and his trike had to get off it fording a sandy but rough little feeder road. That was to deliver a passenger with many stuff to be unloaded. As they offloaded those cargoes, manong driver asked if we really wanted to still proceed to Treasure Island. I got it that he seemed to be trying to discourage us. So we asked what really could we see there. He replied that there is also no beach in that rocky resort and Isla Hayahay is definitely better than Treasure Island. He suggested that we should instead go see JAV resort. Very unlike of me, but OMG, we heeded his suggestion hehe.

Kathrinas Beach Resort. Trike went onwards following the cemented road that veers right from that corner with a basketball court. I surmised we were curving the island northwards. He confirmed that. And at another big right-turn, manong driver veered left instead and forded a non-concrete little muddy road with puddles of rainwater. The houses indicated we were in a coastal area again. Oh, little day-time resorts and some big houses line the road. We saw Kathrina’s, but we did not stop to check it out. Cute though that it looks like a residential compound fenced off from the public so their dogs can’t jump over. At least that’s how it looked to me. But we could see inside the compound are little huts also for daytime use. I’d be surprised if they have rooms to let hehehe.

Then there was JAV’s Beach Resort. We entered with an intention to have lunch there as suggested by manong trike driver. But that should earn it a whole new and separate article. So, see ya on the next installment!

Hmm, there was signage about some other resort onwards from JAV’s and we thought we’d go there for a peep afterwards. That never happened as JAV’s ate the most of our day. And we liked it!

Ah eh… I think there are others more – but either but we did not see any beckoning entrances or they did not entice us at first sight. Sorry, tao lang hehe!

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  1. I have heard alot of good things about Bohol and hope to get a chance to check the place out before the year ends. Great blog!

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