Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Now Danao :(

Drop the adventure park from your senses for now… that’s in the past blog and past is past! From there we went to the town proper of Danao, Bohol… or just about somewhere there. Yes, its this municipality that owns and manages the said park. I thought I must, therefore should see the main enclave of the town away from that adrenaline pumping experience over in the mountains. This town’s main residential area seems to have been sideswiped from the common tourist’s eyes due to the popularity of its adventure park, but I wanted to see it just the same. And so went for it… but did not prosper haha.

We left the adventure park when it was not anymore drizzling. The sun even showed up. First to catch my attention was the municipal hall of Danao. It is not at center of town. It sits almost solitary at some field in the outskirts of town, nearer the adventure park, though houses and businesses have started to sprout in the area. I think this is a new building and/or location. What else… photo-op of course! And just when we were about roaming the surrounding area of this spacious place, it rained again… though the sun was up. Gosh! I think I remember another superstition – “naliligo ang mga aswang”! Well, we holed up under a big tree to wait it out until the pesky rain stopped.

When it did stop, there was a new issue… I said let’s go inwards to center of town, but my driver reminded me that we still had to pass by Sagbayan town and Carmen was still some distance which in turn was still some real distance to Loboc, if we really wanted to catch a lunch buffet on that river. Arrrgh! Now I was a bit pissed. In my mind, I was protesting “why am I being asked to cut my itinerary short?”. I surmised that anything after this place was nothing at all that I wanted. But the sense of kindness must prevail. I had a first-timer in tow, who must see the chocolate hills, the man-made forest, the river cruise and so on… common places that I have been visiting time and again. Anyway, at least I got to take a pic of some new store/restaurant as we popped in for bottled water.

So I was not able to roam the town proper of Danao, Bohol as much as I wanted to. Hey, I never even got to see their church! And to Sagbayan we zoomed through a new road fronting Danao’s municipal hall. Ah well, next time...

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