Thursday, April 8, 2010

Resting it out at the Chocolate Hills

I have been to this place on a rainy day, on a sunny day and many other day, so am now asking “what else is there to tell you”? Maybe I should start with… I let the companions go up to the viewing deck while I wandered around by the scattering of stores down below. There was no more rain and it was noontime, so I said I better stay down at the circular waiting shed hehe! This time, my aging self was happier sitting around watching the many buses and vans that deliver or pick tourists to/from the area. Hey there was this big bus that had a beautiful livery with “Loboc Youth Ambassadors” and that got me excited. Maybe I could chance upon some of those kids who are just a bit bigger than their instruments for some chit-chat or photo-op! Argh, I didn’t see anyone that might look like them hehe. That bus was just probably decorated so to advertise their group. Too bad, I would have requested a pic or two with them. I like those kids. I mostly watch them on You Tube!

Anyway, I busied myself just sitting there and watching things go by. Like how strict the traffic aides are with tour company and other commercial vehicles. Drivers are allowed to just empty their passengers out, then directed to immediately head down the hill for proper parking. As usual, somebody calls via two-way radio if and when this and that bus or van must already come back up to get their passengers. Thus, coordinators or tour guides always stay in this circular waiting shed, near the man with the radio, so information can quickly be given for ‘transmittal’ in that roger-roger over-over thing. Orderly, right? I think so too. But there are exceptions and most of those that I saw not being asked to immediately head down were private vehicles. Yep, those who drove on their own to this place. And probably, plus those that these aides know or friends of their bosses. Even that bus with livery of the youth ambassadors was not asked to go down to the parking area.

I noticed my company did not stay too long up there. They went up at 12:12NN and by 12:31 they were back with me and heading for the motorbikes. So off we went for Bilar, the Tarsiers and the River Cruise. Yes, My stomach was already starting to act up!

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  1. Your blog really makes me want to see the chocolate hills for myself! thanks for all the info!