Thursday, May 1, 2008

Getting Lost With Names – Sarangani

This topic started with this article
Hah, you probably immediately thought of “pacman” when you read that name, right? Yep, he is congressman representing Sarangani province. But we are just talking towns and cities, right? Well yes, however, this name Sarangani (province), being more popular, is often confused with the town named Sarangani.

There is only one town named Sarangani. That is a town in the province of Davao Del Sur (Region 11 – take note). And this Sarangani is awash with things to visit that is not yet trodden by many a tourist feet! This is actually a group of islands and islets at the southernmost tip of the Davao Peninsula. Try asking about Ulaniban, Balut, Sabang, Bolae, Bubo, Tuke Nunsol, Tuke Maklang or Balistik and you’ll realize what a wonderful place this is!

So, let’s say that again… there is actually just one town named Sarangani but it sits at the tip of a peninsula that half Davao Del Sur province (town of Jose Abad Santos) and half Sarangani province (town of Glan) hehe!

Still unclear? Let’s just say… that’s the beauty of it all. Argh!

Here’s even a puzzle… the town of Sarangani (islands) is separated from mainland Mindanao by Sarangani Strait (look in your map, its at the southernmost tip), now guess, where did Sarangani Strait get its name from? The province of Sarangani or the town of Sarangani? The answer? Seeecreeeet!!!

Ah, let’s go to Sultan Kudarat instead hehe!


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