Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome To Eastern Samar, USA!

Ows? Yea yeah, am just joking, this is still the Philippines. And to my makabayan friends, pardon that flag you see on the right. I did not even know it was there when I snapped this picture. But, in these days of more than sorrow, we cannot deny, that and many other flags aside from our very own red-white-and-blue, are worth more than our appreciation. They are still on the ground helping out, while… a di bale na!

Teka teka… didn’t I say in the previous story my lowly camera died out on me? Ah huh! But, the little pea of a brain remembered something… no not the phone that I used to take a picture of Marabut Poblacion – it was also already ‘lowbat’ at this time… something else.

But let’s continue my stories in the next entry, aight?!

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