Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yolanda Mangled Ormoc, But…

The scenes from Albuera continued on until we reached Ormoc. Many of my fellow passengers on this bus ride were either shaking their heads or loudly expressing disbelief at what we were seeing. This only meant many of us were seeing the destruction for the first time that stretches up to Kananga, Leyte and beyond. And this was Day 22 after Yolanda!

If you look closely on top of that roof, there's one of the ships that brought aid.

There is that ship again. It's gray, but hard to tell if Phil. Navy or foreign.

Can you twist a standing road signage? Yolanda just did!

That tent to the left is a relief distribution center.

Bayanihan at it's greatest! They're helping out clean up.

This is that village in front of Sabin Resort.

Those buildings of Sabin Resort can now be seen from the road.
And clearly them too are badly damaged.

That bus has been imprisoned by wires and posts on all sides!

No this is/was not how it looked before. Ormoc had trees everywhere.

The top of this beautiful old city hall is gone. See a comparison here.

That building on the left (front of tricycle) is where I had dinner
on return after this trip. Story will be at the end of this series. 

A new "enterprise" emerged. I think this is expensive! P15 per hour!

That pickup belongs to San Juan City. Let's thank them for helping!
This is front of Sugarland Suites - got full due to San Juan volunteers

Alright, I found the Grand Tours terminal some few blocks beyond that pickup truck of San Juan City's disaster management office. Uncharacteristically, the guy there didn't have an answer when I asked what time was the next van! So it looked like I wasn't destined to enjoy my usual Seat No. 2. Had to take that 9:30AM van and given a choice of Seat No. 8 or Seat No. 14, I took 8.

Quite a devastation yes, but everyone is trying to rise from the havoc. They probably got already tired of weeping and wailing over the destruction, loss of life or property. Yes, Yolanda mangled Ormoc City badly, BUT, most everyone is trying to rise up from all the debris. So, I agree… Bangon Ormoc!

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