Friday, December 6, 2013

Tormented Tacloban

Ah, let us not even touch on the “undying support” of this country’s president to the city of Tacloban. It just troubles the mind more. But let’s continue my trip and here are shots as I entered the devastated city. Note that these are only where my Grand Tours van passed, not where or what I wanted to see. Yet, it bothers…

One of the few already open on Day 22 - its like a party place
some vendors are back on the sidewalks
they say only that upper white part was seen during the deluge
curiously, this oldie is still standing
They say water reached above the maroon paint. I saw traces.
lampara, sulo, serilya to light their evenings

Well, everyone is picking up the pieces. I started hearing many stories along the way, even from our very own driver himself. But I will probably lump all those tales of woe or wonder at the end of this series. For now, share the grief as I rushed through the city heading towards the van terminal…

Let's go to Samar.

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