Monday, October 1, 2012

Translated For Clarity

Ah, this one made my day – which would otherwise have been a grouchy drizzly afternoon waiting for a delayed flight!

Notice those white signage at the back of each of those seats? Well, if you still don’t take notice, you must be blind. They come in all possible languages that most of the Cebu Pacific passengers from/to Tacloban would be speaking – English, Tagalog, Waray-waray, Cebuano. Aw you don’t really need to look at the backrests of those seats. Photocopies of them are also taped to all four walls of this ticket office!

Te subong may-ara na sing Tacloban-Iloilo flights? Additional translation na man? Abaw-ah, daw kasadya gid gid gid moh haw ay! Inde ba la?! Hehehe hehe!


  1. wow how many dialects do you know???

  2. sana may flight tacloban to zamboanga, tacloban to clark, tacloban to laoag, tacloban to legaspi! tacloban to paris, tacloban to tokyo, tacloban to bangkok, tacloban to jakarta etc etc.

    kagulo ang mga translation sa lahat ng upuan hehe!