Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chair Massage Redux

Calm now my dear readers with wary bodies! You Probably remember this post I did sometime ago about the “chair massage”, right?! Well oh well, I was not contented with my wild imaginations. So here comes the second enounter...

While roaming around the Mactan Cebu International Airport’s (MCIA) predeparture area, waiting for my delayed 5J flight (as usual), I happened to have walked towards this area where the ubiquitous massage services has a small room. And reading the signage, I naturally walked near it, perchance to grasp more abut these services. As you can see, their services are aptly described, though I did wonder what that first one is. Its probably a “body massage” gleaning from the descriptions.

Alas, the chair massage description did not help at all. I once again froze where I stood and imagined what was being described. What?! They poke and whack your “back and shoulders” using a chair “with emphasis on the spine and lower back to release stress and tension”? My golly gosh! That must be beyond torture hahaha! So, I approached one masseuse and asked for an explanation.

And my pea of a brain was finally educated...!

It is called “chair massage” because they ask you to sit on a special kind of chair while you are being massaged. Yes, that’s the picture of 3 such chairs in this paragraph. But I could not imagine how a chair is used since it does not look like any normal thing. Like the armrest are too low below the seat and there are rounded things that do not seem to be useful to someone who’d be sitting on the seat! Masseuse eagerly told me that you are supposed to sit on it facing the other way around – with your chest on the white ‘backrest’ and your face inside that rounded thing of a headrest. Those black rectangular pads are not armrests but rather where your knees or legs will be positioned during the massage session.

Well, I still could not fully imagine the practicality of this gadget. At least I now know that “Chair Massage” does not mean you’d be whacked and slapped with a chair hehe! As if to help her explain the thing better, masseuse said “try nyo sir, two fifty lang”. I quickly responded with “ayaw ko” and just as quickly started to move away. Yeah, I seldom even get a massage, how much more on that thing that had been twisting my brain for an understanding. Plus, of course, I did not think my spare P250 would be worth “the wonders of a chair massage” hehehe!

Oh well…


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