Monday, November 2, 2009

Chair Massage

There are just so many types of massage available everywhere, right? Rightfully so, because it is the “in” thing in this country nowadays. Massage though has long been a “mainstay” at our airports long before it became a fad. But, even them, at the airport I mean, have progressed into offering different kinds of massage. Take this photo I took at the Centennial Terminal for an example…

The “Scalp Massage” and the “Foot & Leg Massage” were easy for me to fathom. Of course I know, the masseuse would massage that part of your body as mentioned, right? Alright.

That “Whole Body Massage” made me smile. Naughtily, in fact! Why? Because I know it has “evolved” into something on the kinkier side. Some (if not many) “massage parlors” especially in Metro Manila offer ‘sensual’ Whole Body Massage. How? The masseuse or masseur gives your body that 'ever needed' massage using his/her body, no less! You know that, right? Asuuuuus, aminiiiiin! Imagine yourselves (you and the masseuse, I mean), naked and bathed in aromatic oils, writhing and wriggling like two earthworms in some kind of an ‘earthly’ dance on the floor. Maka-mundo hehe! Yea yeah, I know someone reading this right now is already entertaining those kinky little thoughts again… No need to raise your hand, I know who you are hahaha!

Okay, now… snap out of your earthly desires and read the next paragraph!

Having read “Chair Massage” froze me at where I was. My mind raced to imagine what it is and how it is done. How’s that, anyway?! What, the masseuse grabs a chair and starts pounding you with it? Which part of the chair do they poke and press at which part of your body? The backrest? The armrest? The chair’s legs? Golly how gory! Ayaw ko. AaaaaYAW!

OH well, the ways people do to stay healthy in these our times hehe!

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