Saturday, January 21, 2006

Modern Day 'HERDING'

I almost forgot where I came from when I saw this man and beast tandem. I just emerged from the 7-kilometer road to the Dambana Ng Kaigitingan in Pilar, Bataan when I chanced upon this. Ah yes, this is the main highway (the intersection in fact) that traverses Bataan from Balanga to Bagac.

I wonder, how fast a carabao can run?! Can it go to, say, 70kph? Well, in this ‘scene’, carabao seemed to be having a leisurely, if hurried, stroll. And the trike was not moving that fast. There’s a rope children, you might just not see it clearly, but there is a rope. Its tied to that tricycle and the driver keeps hollering “huu huuu”! In one of my rare sightings, happy to note that, at least, the rope was not tied to the animal’s nose (as usual all over this country) but to the base of its horn. So I think there was no danger of the Carabao ‘disintegrating’ alive hehehe!

Golly, what will I see next? A farmer in a speedboat herding his ducks to enter a fence? Not impossible, it seems?!

Oh well, the farmers of our times…


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