Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 Cebu

We all know what this is, right?! While it may not yet be celebrated 100% worldwide, The Philippines, most of its urban centers anyway is a very active participant of this worthwhile cause. I think since 2008, the very year after Sydneysiders have pioneered that once a yearly event to remind us all on keeping this planet worthy a place to live - for us and for the future generations.

This year, Earth Hour 2011 caught up with me while I was roaming for some errands and client meet-ups all over Metro Cebu. I did not even plan to watch or see any of those. But it turns out, I ran into various stages of four such Earth Hour celebrations at various locations - which I might claim was even more than many have seen hehe. And I liked it. Why? It reminded me that more and more people are taking part in this cause! Let's hope it spreads more and becomes more often. Yea yeah, I have seen the many computations all over the web at how much energy this planet can save even for doing just a very simple "lights out" for just an hour in just one evening of a year. How much more if we did it once a month or once a week?

Ah, but let me go through what I have seen...

I happened to have gone to that new facility called The Persimmon on MJ Cuenco, Mabolo. Am not really sure if its a mall or whatever. The thing is, this person I had to meet suggested the place as she was attending to some activity. Turns out, it was the Earth Hour 2011 celebration of the Aboitiz Group being held right at the spanking new grounds of The Persimmon. There were white screens already set-up and the Earth Hour videos were being tested. Crews were busy setting up audio systems and there was a mini-bazaar along the sides of the celebrations area. Most of the wares on sale or display were earth-friendly products, the usual foodstuffs (yes, I like the empanada and the tarts hehe) and herbal supplements. Hmm, there was even a massage company duly represented hehe!

Next, I had to be at the Ayala Mall. It is a bustling place any Saturday, right? But this time there were more people swarming the area. Aside from one of the big TV networks doing some hip-hop dance audition or something over at the mall's circular activity area, out at the terraces, crews were setting up what was to become the mall's version of Earth Hour 2011 celebrations. I happened to have looked out from the terraces and saw that folks were already starting to pop into that 'glow in the dark' wall for everyone to throw in their pledges to "Go Beyond The Hour". Nice thing, really. One of the giggly kids around told me that the main event later that evening was supposed to include entertainment numbers from a local band. I said "oh okay"!

Then I also had to meet up with someone else over at SM City Cebu. On the way there, I happened to have passed by a parade with hundreds of student groups and civic organizations with no less than two marching bands gracing it. I asked one of the marshalls and learned the parade was on the way to The Persimmon to kick off activities there. wow!

I was not able to roam around SM as I was on kinda hectic run for the day. On the way out, I happened by the spacious North Wing Lobby and I was actually too surprised to have seen a local band rendering ballads and acoustics pieces that surely had nothing to do with anywhere near Earth Hour 2011. I think I even loudly muttered to myself "how uncharacteristic of SM to have nothing for the Earth Hour" hehe. Imagine, my thoughts even went to as far as imagining bad things about this mall especially that they were supposed to have held some kind of a motorcycle show/race earlier in the day. But I spoke too soon haha. As I exited North Wing for the taxi stand, there it was! SM Cebu's version of Earth Hour 2011 was also already at the height of preparations. A religious choir was already rehearsing onstage while children of all colors with flags and costumes also practiced their moves and dances with the songs. Where was this? At the very driveway in front of northwing's main entrance. And vehicles were still allowed to pass as those kids practiced hehe.

But I had to run off for ParkMall over at Mandaue as dinner and some cocktails was another meet-up with a prospect client at one of the restobars there. Voila, it was a double event at that circular foyer in front of the mall. And I wondered why there were sooo many folks around. Ah, its just weeks before the Mandaue City Fiesta 2011 and the mall's activities included things that led to it. Like? The usual Mr. & Ms. candidates of the city were presented. Local officials were all there including a short message from the mayor reminding everyone of the significance of Earth Hour. There were drummers, dancers, singers, fire dancers, a 'wayang' show telling about how we people are slowly ruining this planet and how we can stop that, among other things.

Meeting had to briefly temporarily adjourn as we had to run for the children's playground for this...

I must say, way to go Cebu! Earth Hour is not anyway how big a production anyone has to celebrate, but noisy or newsworthy enough for everyone to take heed. Ah, don't worry, I did my part... all lights were off at home way past until the Earth Hour 2011 celebrations. Why? Because I was out in the city unintentionally witnessing Earth Hour 2011 hehe!


  1. this makes me teary eyed :'I... we biked the streets of cebu for our night ride. we encouraged establishments to turn off their lights. :)

  2. Thank you for featuring our sky lanterns in your blog! :)

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  3. I love Cebu. It is like getting a taste of the beach but at the same time you have the convenience of city life just a car ride away. I've only been here once, but after viewing the pics on this blog, it reminded me of what a beautiful place Cebu is. I will definitely try to make a trip out there sometime this year.