Saturday, July 26, 2008

Roaming Ilocos: From Bojeador To Bangui

I was poised to walk the 1km roadway going back to the highway from the Cape Bojeador lighthouse. On a noontime! That’s how I went up there, so it was natural that I do the same going back down. Even if I did not want to cuz its not as if there’s any commute from up there hehe. How I dreamed of having a skateboard at that very time hehe. Imagine, rolling and sliding on a perennially descending good concrete road?! Wow! Okay, as if I know how to ride that thing hahaha!

But I was not even 10 meters down on my descent when a trike came from behind and stopped beside me. The smiling driver said “tara sir, ihatid ko na kayo sa baba”. I asked “magkano”. He said “fifty pesos lang”. I said no and continued my walk. He asked me “magkano ba”? I said I actually don’t mind walking but if he will charge me twenty pesos, I’ll hop in. He said “thirty” and okay, I agreed hehe. Hmm, that should have been expensive, but what the hell, my stomach was grumbling! During the ride, I learned from this driver that he was waiting for his passengers still up at the lighthouse. When he saw me walking, he thought of taking me down to get extra income. Resourceful!

Trike driver stayed on at the intersection to help me get a ride towards Bangui. I actually told him he can go back up and I was fine waiting on the roadside alone, but he stayed anyway. Soon a passenger jeep came, I hopped in and waved goodbye to the trike driver. Am not sure, but I think I also paid about the same amount on this jeep (25 pesos or so) and the trip was probably 10 kilometers or more. Probably even 15kms. Anyway, I wan’t able to pay much attention at the places we passed by. Why? Because of a pair of big lobsters being my co-passengers hehe. A woman was transporting them to be sold at Burgos town proper. Just the two of them big lobsters in one pail. I even attempted to lift the pail and whoa, heavy! Another passenger commented that they could easily fetch 200 to 250 pesos per kilo. Hmm! Yummy yum yum! That got me hungrier!

As requested earlier when I joined the ride, manong stopped the jeep and let me off at this store cum eatery by the roadside where I could later hopefully get a trike to whisk me to the windmills and back. But lunch was in order, lest something in the dear tummy started screaming hehe. Though it was just 11:14AM! But I think I didn’t have breakfast, and the walk to the lighthouse was some energy. And it was a blistering sunny morning. Arrhhh my throat was longing for Coke too! Aw, no fanfare or experimenting this time. This was a turo-turo, so I pointed at my usual favorites – fried fish, tortang talong and nilagang baboy. Plus rice, coke and… more rice hehe! Whatta!

I did take some time to rest and let the stummy settle after that feast. They have native cottages just outside the house’s main dining area and it was breezy nice lounging around there with my Marl Lights and second bottle of coke hehe. The life!

Let’s go to those giant electric fans next. Promise!


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