Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting Lost With Names - San Francisco

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Yes we’re still in the Philippines and we have 5 towns named San Francisco!

In the province of Quezon (Region 4A – CALABARZON) is our 1st town bearing that name. And this is the southernmost tip of the province on the shores of Tayabas Bay, almost across the island of Marinduque. Now now… don’t think about the name and associate it with that fine city in the US West Coast. This is a faaar cry. The town has yet to see paved roads from the main city of the province and their folks have yet to be “emancipated” from the control and dictates of wealthy land-owners. Even education (public high school) is a brand new thing here circa 1999!

Our 2nd San Francisco is a town in the island-province of Cebu and it is a town off mainland Cebu. This one is an island-town (Pacijan) and is part of the Camotes Islands. While also a poor-man’s town, this San Francisco is surrounded by different kinds of beaches for everyone who seek serenity! This is the beachest area in the Camotes Island Group. Ah yes, sightings of playful dolphins are often of its shores!

Nearby in Region 8 is another San Francisco, a sleepy little town on the southern shores of Southern Leyte. This coastal fishing town is in the island of Panaon and it has an acceptable stretch of beach mostly used by fishermen. Oh there is a tiered waterfall called Taglinao but this town being on the fringes of Sogod Bay will actually surprise you with spectacular diving and snorkeling sites! That’s just the third San Francisco.

Our 4th San Francisco is another little town on the northernmost tip of Mindanao. Yes, that’s in Surigao Del Norte. And this farming fishing town is to the left of Surigao City. Alas, the many things Surigao is in the eastern coast while this town is on the “other side”!

Finally, our 5th San Francisco is down in the province of Agusan Del Sur, still Region 13). This one is big in terms of land area and progressiveness. Never miss Mt. Magdiwata if you want a trek. Almost everything about this town revolves around that mountain – from engkanto stories to beautiful streams and brooks that become their drinking water down to the exciting Manobo traditions in their Diwata Festival!

See? Who is craving to ride PAL's PR104 when there are 5 San Franciscos in this archipelago. And who wants enchantment at Disney when many of these San Franciscos have enchanted places! Hehehe... a.k.a... enkatado with a lot of enkanto! Duuu!

Oh, just a little discovery, if you cut the Philippines in half (lengthwise), all these 5 towns named San Francisco will be on the right side or eastern half! Nothing... I just noticed :)


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