Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Naguilian

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Naguilian Road going to Baguio? That is what comes to mind, right? Naguilian town in La Union Province (Region 1 – Ilocos) is the source of that famous name “Naguilian Road” which is one of the alternative routes going to the summer capital. If you do choose to roam around this town and its environs, you will of course have your fill of cool mountain treks down to rolling plains and valleys. Oh fishing in this town is possible! Why? Because, there are two big rivers and their tributaries that criss-cross the area. The townsfolk have an admirable knack for wood, bamboo and even metal crafts, the products of which are mostly brought up to the Baguio commercial centers which is just about 40 plus plus kilometers away.

Now, don’t get confused. On the other side of the Codilleras is the other Naguilian. It’s a town in the heart of the province of Isablea (Region 2 – Cagayan Valley). This is the lesser known of the two Naguilian’s. Interestingly, this town is also in the midst of mountains and sits in the corner of rivers and streams.

So travelers, when in Metro Manila, be sure which Naguilian you are trying to hit lest you arrive at the wrong side of the Cordilleras!


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