Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pandan Island, The Way There

Together with the friend who introduced me to the idea of going to Pandan Island, and another of our common friends, we took an 8pm bus from that devil-infested bus company with a station in EDSA (between Timog and Kamuning) that is the JAM/Tritran bus liner. Now my blood is starting to boil upon writing that sentence! [New Edit: If you have not yet done so, check-out my other story here and you will know the reason why.]

Anyway, we wanted to catch the 1AM midnight ferry from the noisy-hot Batangas Pier to Abra De Ilog (a port town in northern Occidental Mindoro). This would have allowed us a 4AM “less-dusty” dawn-time bus ride to Sablayan where we could have caught the fresh sea produce at the market by 7AM. No thanks to the JAM/Tritran bus, this did not happen.

We arrived at the Batangas pier about 30 minutes before 1AM (almost a 5-hour ride from EDSA). We ran as fast as we could to the check-in counter for the midnight boat to Abra De Ilog wondering as we breezed through why the usually chaotic pier was unusually silent. Upon reaching the check-in counter, we got our answer. The midnight boat decided to have an “early departure” as if taking the term “midnight” literally since it took off 27 minutes just after midnight! Wow! In this world of the notorious 'Filipino-time', there is actually a concept called “early-departure”! We could have been on board that early departing midnight boat if the bus company did not again practice its damn notoriety!

Anyway... let's go to my next entry please!


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