Friday, October 11, 2013

Ling Nam Revisited

Being early for an evening trip towards some northern Cebu towns, I decided to do a bit of window shopping over at the Park Mall in Mandaue (and of course to grab a few packs of my Marlights gold flip-top). I thought I might as well grab a quick dinner at Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly. Argh, whatever was happening, there were a lot of diners and the long queue extended all the way to entrance of that ‘digital casino’ thing.

I decided I might as well eat somewhere else lest I be late for my trip (well oh ok, I must admit the ‘impatience disease’ was taking the best of me again this time)! The nearest I saw was this branch of the good old Ling Nam with their outside tables always being laid each with their menu. Quickly scanned it and found that yes, they do still have the quick meals on the menu (not sure if they call these ‘budget meals’ or ‘combo meals). As you may have learned from my earlier stories, since I started roaming (usually solo), I have started distancing myself from Chinese Restaurants even if I like them. Why? Because the menu choices are usually good for a banquet per serving. Good they have these ‘solo meals’.

So I went for this kind of stir-fried beef strips (can’t recall what its official name is) as I know it would be quick to whip up. Voila it arrived, tasted good but bitin hehe! The beef part, I think, is quantity enough for me. Even the mongo-sprouts that I think is blanched, instead of the usual sautéed in hefty oil at other restaurants. But the rice serving is too small it probably is just half of what you get from McDo or Jollibee. Anyway, I just told myself, to ‘eat less during evening meals’, and argh somewhere in me protested vehemently. So, I went for a cone of ice-cream at some other stall after that hehe.

Oh well, at least I have tried Ling Nam after so many ‘centuries’ hehe. They were a favorite of many folks during the late 80s to early 90s, I think. And I loved their siopao and lomi then which was always fun to binge on with the barkada!

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