Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is There A Law On Vehicle Dashboards?

This is one of the vans of Grand Tours, the cleanest and most well-maintained fleet in Eastern Visayas, I believe. But if it were not a bevy of saints, rosaries and flowers, many dashboards look like this. Colorful! Beautiful in fact :)

I do wonder, don’t these little things distract the drivers? Are those little abubots considered safe? Am just wondering for at times, they do even distract me from concentrating on the wonderful views outside as we zoom through.

Plus on this van, our bejeweled manong driver kept reaching for that phone, talking to his wife as to where we already were and where should the wife wait in Tacloban and that he has quite a heap of laundry for her and so on. They even discussed the school expenses of one daughter. And I think I already know their whole family story hehehe. Not to mention that Mr. Driver kept tending to the wire and charger of that phone.

YET, we were still zooming fast on the road! He’s probably already a master of his craft but… WHAT IF?!

To all the wives of drivers: umayos kayo ha? Tigilan ang kakatawag sa mga asawa nyo kung alam nyo na naman na nagmamaneho. Pag me nangyari sa amin na mga pasahero, sige, kayo unang mumultuhin ko ng walang humpay!

Oh well!


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