Friday, September 28, 2012

Bottled Pee At Cebu Airport!

Somebody in #cebu is really “pissed” you taxi drivers queuing up at the Cebu airport, beware! Oh, you taxi owners and even us passengers, we better tell them about this or there will be no more taxi from the airport!

These ‘reminders’ are printed on paper, wrapped in transparent plastic and nailed to some trees. Yep, plural! I think I counted 3 or 4 trees with that reminder. And I liked the type of nails used – pam-bubong yata yan ah, at mukhang galit-na-galit nung ipinako sa puno! Whaahehehe! So you taxi drivers… beware.

If anyone of you my dear readers care to translate, please do. I think I already got the message. It is admonishing taxi drivers not to leave plastic bottles with their pee (and other trash) on the side of Waterfront Hotel Mactan, otherwise the MCIAA management will revoke their rights to line up and pick passengers. Or something like that in a harsher tone hehe!

Couldn’t help but imagine though… how do these idiots do the act anyway? I think, its quite a feat to do. Unless they have too minute a “kargada” between their legs. Otherwise, I am almost sure there will be some mis-alignments so that they’d probably be smearing pee on their hands. And then what? Yuckkk! Oh well, when nature calls, taxi drivers have to be imaginative hehe

But if we look at this from a developmental point of view folks, the signage is actually telling us something else - poor management, hindi masyado ginagamit ang utak! Meaning? If you want taxi cabs to queue up, think of what they might be needing to wait it out without hampering the flow. Meaning? It's not enough to provide space for cabs to wait in line. Drivers are human beings too, so provide for their basic needs if you don't want them whirring their things on the fence of that hotel. Sus, ask Bayani Fernando how it can be done. And yes, you can even paint them pink too! Otherwise, eh di maglagay kayo ng trash bins dyan where the drivers can dunk their bottled pee in!

Quite a sign of our urban times? Probably!

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  1. hahahaha... kawawa naman them taxi drivers. yup, you got the message right :D