Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sinulog Sa Kabataan 2012 Dakbayan

If yesterday was Lalawigan (province), today was Dakbayan (city) and still a good show. Ah well the cuteness continued. I mean those little kids as part of a choreographed performance is really something to me – and am sure for most people too because I could see the smiles in many of the spectators.

I observed though that the Dakbayan parade has a bit more of the “kaartehan” of performers and parents alike. Most kids were busier complaining, whining or frowning at just about anything, than performing. Sometimes even loudly correcting their fellow participants and the likes. And there are too many choreographers, instructors, dictators on the side that walk with the dancers. Ah the city folks!
Hmm, I won’t tell which group … but I saw a mom reprimanding her son about some dancing behaviour. That with a pinch on the left ear. Gosh! Kayo nalang kaya mag-perform mga inang ano?!

As I have harped before, the number of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, teachers and friends who pretend to be maintaining space between the dancers and the onlookers are just too many they ruin the show. What's even more irritating is THAT when any of these very same groups get to win and allowed to perform at the Grand Parade which is definitely many kilometers longer and has a maddening crowd of spectators, these relatives and teachers and neighbors are gone. Pwede naman pala, so ano ba talaga, ha?!
I think I already said this (about Kadayawan?)… you parents should not let your children participate if you cant trust they will last that short a distance of the parade. Mind you, I asked some doctor friends and they tell me that the energy of a child, plus their excitement about their performance can’t easily let them down physically. True! Most dancers I have seen fainting during these festivals are actually the bigger kids – yes the high school age kids who are anyway more prone to disobeying instructions like sleeping early the night before showtime, drinking enough water and so on.

Winners? Bulacao for elementary (the kids with those flowery orange costumes) and Abellana for secondary (those ladies and gentlemen in immaculate white wedding costumes) respectively. And I was not surprised. Not a bit at all! We’ll see them at the grand parade on Sunday again! And just like last year, Abellana should probably land a prize in the main event, though I predict just a bit below the damn good Carcar!

I did miss a couple of schools that were crowd favorites last year. Remember the Mabolo and Talamban kids? They were not around :( One teacher I asked said ‘the supervisors rotate participation amongst the schools in their districts’. Oh I see. Too bad if your school won last year since you can’t do it again this year nor in the next 3, I suppose hehe. How many schools are there in a district anyway? Well, at least for the secondary division, its different, I think, since I have always seen Abellana, and they're really good.

By the way, just like the past two days, it did not also rain during the parade and performances. But at night the downpours came. Maybe the dear NiƱo told the clouds so?!

Here are more pics:

See you at the grand parade folks! Pit Senyor!


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