Saturday, March 5, 2011

Videoke Booths

Evolution. That is a thing that constantly plays in our lives. Everything’s a changing and sometimes, I muse at the way technology is shaping us and our 'Filipino lifestyles'. Take the Videoke Machine for one, that is generally part of the Pinoy household – even for those who live under bridges and over creeks in makeshift shacks. And we all know too well that Videokes are not only in houses. They are also at malls and of course almost every other turo-turo. Yet, we know too, that some people (proprietors and customers alike, include me) can’t stand the blaring sound of people croaking on those machines – that is if they/we are not those “ones” who are belting their/our throats away, right? yeah yeah hehehe

So, the thing has evolved. At first we experienced videoke rooms. Luxurious rooms fitted with the machine as a central figure where people can party in private and sing their hearts away, without bothering the “general public”. There are still quite a number of them everywhere like Music 21, Red Box, I.O. and many others called 'Family KTVs'. The usual clientele of these places are the white-collared workers and their families. These places are like or even more than restaurants themselves with luxurious upholstery and all the works of comfort and elegance.

Then there came the cubicles. Smaller rooms good enough to fit smaller groups from 4 to 6 where folks can do the same without much of the “party” like food and drinks nor the luxury like finely upholstered sofas, branded speakers and wide-screen flat TVs. These are usually at malls, near the gaming zones, near the cinemas and just about every crowded area frequented by youngsters. Yep, most regular clients of these ‘cubicles’ are the youth – either out from a school's ‘vacant period’ or even cutting classes.

Then there are these booths! They still look like the cubicles. You also drop 5-peso coins on those machines, there are also song books for you to select the code numbers of your favorite songs and there are also chairs for 4 to 6. But the booths have taken a new twist. They are now not just located at central or interior areas of buildings. They have taken to the lobbies and other external spaces like foyers and covered walks! And they are now almost portable – meaning the whole ‘structure’ can easily be moved to just about anywhere they could fit and where there is an electrical outlet. Picture above is from outside of APM Mall across SM City Cebu.

Who knows, there might come a time that these booths could take the place of real videoke bars. They serve the same purpose anyway, right? Oh if you’re thinking something else kinky… do you think its impossible? Think again hehe!

Oh well!


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