Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Made It To Dumaguit

What is that place, you may be asking? My reply will probably be "yeah, what is that place" hehe! I went there anyway, just curious, as that same question came to mind -- what is that place?!

How did this happen? Ah well, I was walking around Kalibo with nothing much or nothing 'major' to do one afternoon. I actually decided to see the Sampaguita Gardens (New Washington) once again and smile at the countless toys, figurines, artworks. etc., the Precious Moments way.

However, instead of a jeep signage that goes just to New Washington, the first I saw being loaded was bound for Dumaguit. I asked the driver if I could take this ride just to the Sampaguita Gardens, he said yes since Dumaguit is beyond Sampaguita Gardens.

Curious, I also asked what is there to see in Dumaguit. He shrugged and said there is a port but there are no ships today. I further asked what ships and from where make calls in that port, his reply was 'from Manila, Batangas, etc.' Next thing I knew I was already paying the fare from Kalibo to Dumaguit. Front seat of course!

On arrival in Dumaguit (probably an hour after I found this jeep in Kalibo), I realized I was the only remaining passenger when driver dropped me at the port area. That means, this port is not near center of town (since even Sampaguita Gardens is already not). Though driver told me this is really his final destination and where he turns back for Kalibo. He pointed me the way to the main port area, so I walked going there.

Nothing to see, but it is such a big pier I wondered how many days in a week this place becomes busy. Well, I got hints form the things I saw…

Like this signage on the outside walls of a bamboo hut. Hey, hut as it may be, it is (I think) THE ticket office or booking office! I peeped in, no one was in there, just some tables and chairs and some posted memos on the wall. I quickly read through them and realized I was actually at the inter-island port (RORO Port) of New Washington.

Oh okay, so Dumaguit is a barangay of New Washington, and this port is that port where you arrive at if riding a boat straight from Manila going to Kalibo or Caticlan then Boracay or elsewhere Aklan! Okay, now I know – and you too!

With nothing to see at this big pier, except that M/V Bora Cruise 1 (that seem to be under repair or in disrepair), I walked back towards where the jeeps take a u-turn or make a stop to gather passengers.

Going back to my real destination… The Sampaguita Gardens. That’s next!

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