Sunday, July 27, 2008

Roaming Ilocos: Pagudpud

“Diyos ko, hello sir, bakit mag-isa ka at bakit ka naka-tricycle, my goooosh”! So said Mean (pronounced Meh-Anne), wife of Steve, owners of Polaris Beach Resort. I happily and wickedly said “shaddap, give me your coldest SanMigLight, pleeeease”!

Alirightie, I arrived at Saud Beach in Pagudpud, straight from the Bangui wind farm, riding on the backseat of the driver whose tricycle cab did not have any load because it felt too tiny cramped for me, myself and I! And I automatically went for one of the hammocks – my favorite place in all of Polaris Resort. This would have been my 4th time in the resort and I feel very much at home being in it. Not to mention that it’s the best value for money I have ever tried on Pagudpud. Shh, any of the crews and the owners do not even know me as Pinoy Traveler so let’s let it be hehe! I just like the place and I like them. Ah, my love affair with this resort is a long story in itself – and that would incriminate their immediate neighbor hehe. So, let me do that probably in a separate story later.

As for now, it might be proper to tell that in the recent past, Pagudpud was the only well-known place to visit north of Laoag. That’s why it’s the only place I have visited previously, and all those previous visits were prior to this blog. And as if I have seen anything outside of Saud and Blue Lagoon anyway hehe. Well, back to my story.

Finished my first bottle just lying on the hammock with a very slow swing, as the wind gently caressed coconut fronds to make that oh so soothing sound. I closed my eyes in from time to time, just trying to savor and relish the good feeling that it was, being in one of those hammocks again. Then I would quickly look up the coconut trees lest some of them buko might suddenly fall upon my royal body. Awk! On my second bottle, waitress reminded me that I could easily get drunk drinking beer flat on a swaying hammock. I said ‘yeah right’ and joined them in a banter. On my 3rd bottle, I went with it out to the water’s edge just to see the coastline again and just to check if indeed I could see the windmills over at the beaches of Bangui. I could!

“Sir, room 5 or room 17” came a question. And I was about saying “room sevent… hey am not staying overnight, I have to return to Laoag this afternoon”. All thought I was joking, one even said “its already 4:25PM sir, and your favorite sunset will be in a few minutes”. Argh! I explained that I had a scheduled dinner with some friends and prospective business contacts over at Laoag. Gosh! I hurriedly paid for the 3 beers and jumped into that trike asking anyone of them to get me to the highway fast. Only then did they believe I was serious hehe.

During the trike ride, I jokingly told driver I blame Polaris Beach Resort that I was not able to go to Patapat and Maira-ira and all other thigns to see further north. He laughed telling me that the way I lazed on that hammock it looked like I was in for some 3 days of R&R. Gosh! That’s what happens when I get too familiar with friendly folks in a nice cozy little hotel devoid of pretentious luxuries hahaha! Okay, lesson learned and very well noted. Argh!

I got quick glimpses of the town center and municipal hall. Even more beautiful this time! And good that a bus came along soon and I hopped in. Yeah, good that I had 3 beers. It got me the chance to grab a nap. And nap I did all the way to Laoag. When I woke up, it was already dark and the bus was entering the city. Yeah! I thought that was just enough time to get back to Hotel tiffany for some freshening up prior to dinner.

Oh Pagudpud!


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