Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - San Agustin

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Now the saints! There are a lot of them, and as promised… here is my first installment - San Agustin. This is first in our list since it starts with the letter “A”. There are 3 towns in this country named specifically as San Agustin.

There is a town Named San Agustin in the southern part of the province of Isabela (Region 2, Cagayan Valley). This town is the border with Quirino province and is too deep into the forests that paved roads are just slowly crawling to it. But they have a fun Carabao (Buffalo) festival and that they pride themselves of the kind of Carabaos they breed! So it was worth the grueling trip!

The next San Agustin is a town in the northeastern corner of the main island (Tablas), province of Romblon (Region 4B, MIMAROPA). While still a bit off the beaten tourist tracks, this town has a challenging-enough mountain trail, it has waterfalls beaches and snorkeling areas esp to a sunken Spanish galleon.

The 3rd San Agustin is another town, this time down in the province of Surigao Del Sur, Region 13 – CARAGA). This is another fairly hinter town and is situated halfway along the province’s north to south ends, and it faces the Pacific Ocean. Well, I have yet to be there but we hear that this little fishing town has an olden church purported to be almost 200 years old! They do have a scenic beach area and a spattering share of lumber-related issues as it still has some forested lands on the border with Agusan Del Sur.

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  1. I suggest San Agustin to revert back to its original name either Guintiguian which is indigenous sounding name or Badajoz, the last popular name of the municipality which is still being used in reference to this town.