Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting Lost With Names - Quirino

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That's the late president Elpidio Quirino. Yes, he whose youngest daughter (Cory) is already old and still single but yet still a fine, brave lady and a fitness/beauty guru! There are four locales that bear President Quirino’s name.

First is the town of Quirino in the province of Ilocos Sur (Region 1) – rightfully because the late president hailed from that province. This town is in the province’s borders with Mountain Province and Abra. There are hotsprings in this town and of course the Tirad Pass National Park can be found here.

Then there is the town of Quirino in the province of Isabela (Region 2). This Quirino of vast farming plains is interestingly sandwiched by two big rivers on its north and south, and its municipality seal actually depicts that! Unless you need to have your fill with the vastness of farmlands, there is not much for the tourist in this town.

Going southwards is another Quirino. It’s neither a town nor city but it actually is a province also of Region 2. This should be your target destination for real nature adventures. Mountains and real jungles are the forte in this area! It is a vast area of mountain ranges with only 6 towns for a province. Caves, springs, waterfalls and whitewater rafting are best here. Of course, you’ll get a fill of history and spirituality as the Aglipayan Church founder settled here in what is now called the town of Aglipay.

Now, if you are coming from anywhere south of these three Quirinos, you’ll have to make it clear which one of them is your destination, lest you get lost!

Okay, jumping all the way to the southern part of the country is our fourth Quirino in the Province of Sultan Kudarat (Region 12 – Central Mindanao). The town actually uses “Pres. Quirino” (meaning President Quirino) as its official name. Note that many folks there write is as just 'Pres Quirino'! This is the only Quirino in the south but it has a very northerly taste! Why? Because this place is/was largely inhabited by Ilocanos who migrated from probably our three Quirinos mentioned above to seek and establish commercial activities. Their numbers in adjoining villages kept growing and they sought to be called a separate town (of Ilocanos) which was finally granted in 1973. Of course, they named their town after their great Ilocano leader, the late President Quirino! This dominantly farming plains locality is one of the towns you pass-by when driving from Cotabato to Davao.

Now is there a Quirino in Hawaii? A hehe, maybe our Manongs and Adings there are not as agressive as those in Mindanao hehe! BTW, many folks in Quirino SK (that's Sultan Kudarat) still retain the Ilocano tongue. And there is bagnet there too! Yey!


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