Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Masskara Dinner and Nightlife 1

After the performances, we kindly declined the mayor’s dinner invitation saying we had more of Bacolod to roam. Back of my mind, I was asking “who were we anyway”? But one of our friends said “ayan, kasi naman you all look like Japanese, Chinese, Koreans” hahaha. Per our itinerary, we said we should not call it a day if we don’t get to see the “Manokan Country”. So we walked to the place for dinner. Its just nearby to the plaza and the church. I’ve been there before and I told my friends it is like no other. If you have Dampa in Paranaque and Larsian in Cebu, Bacolod has Manokan Country. Similar in purpose but just the same unique!

OMG! Even I got surprised when we reached ‘Manokan Country’. First, it is now bigger and wider. It is also cleaner and more orderly. Ah, the stalls are still generally the same, but they all seemed to have gotten help from San Miguel Beer with sprucing up the place. The tables and chairs extend to way out in the middle of the road that has been closed to vehicular traffic. Good that they did since even so, the place still teemed with humanity you’d imagine the whole of Bacolod has trooped to this place all at the same time. OMG really! And over at the end of the row of stalls, they erected a big high stage where rock bands played alternately. Aw, no need to squeeze yourselves towards the even more crowded stage area since loudspeakers are scattered all over the place. Fiesta!

For those not in the know yet, the fare in this place is generally chicken barbecue. That’s how the place got to be named ‘Manokan Country’ in the first place. But they do serve other barbecues and all sorts of eatables turo-turo style. Each stall usually has its share of loyal patrons (suki), thus, some are a bit more crowded than the others. But that does not mean it’d be easy for you to grab a table and chairs. This is Masskara and the crowds descend to this place as if there will be no tomorrow! And thankfully, probably because SMB cornered the ‘sponsorship’, there is Coke! Am not sure I even saw those ubiquitous Pepsi or Mountain Dew bottles. And I silently said ‘merese’ hahaha!

After that mighty hefty dinner on barbeques, our local friends suggested we go back to our hotel to wash up so we could party the night away. Whohoa! And good we did, because everything in us really smelled like we ourselves were the barbecues hehe. Back on the streets, we trooped to the Goldenfield area. Far from city center, but I knew its is a good place to be. Been there a number of times, even stayed at Garden Royal (or is it Royal Garden?) hotel that sits inside the compound just across the casino. This complex has stores and bars frequented by Bacolod folks to see and be seen. The best and most crowded of course was/is MO2.

MO2 is like a complex within a complex. There are different areas for everyone to hang out or hand around. Like there is an outdoor area, there is a cafe-like place, a lace with live band and something like just another cozy chillout bar with not so wild music. Supposedly! Why did I say that? Well, this time, everywhere was a wild party teeming with people. Oh, at entrance alone, we already spent half of our nite hehe. Because, there was this percussion band dishing out Jamaican style frenzy beats that people naturally danced with. Oh, nothing to worry as the parking area was closed off to vehicles as there were just too many folks around. In fact they were already serving drinks even at that outside area. Note just in this area, we were all drenching in our very own perspiration due to the nonstop dancing.

The open air inside area was no different. Music was a bit different though, since rock bands from everywhere were playing in succession. Crazy fun and crazy thumping crowd, including all of us, of ocurse! Fun fun! And you guessed it… we called it a night at about 3AM!


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