Saturday, March 5, 2016

10 Kilometers To Ormoc

Yes, that's just what it means - ten kilometers from this point to Ormoc City. But this "getting to be famous" kilometer marker is now frequently appearing as photo-op background (for a number of my friends, some of you followers of this blog)! This, I guess, is my 3rd shot of the marker. I passed by it again just about lunchtime today hehe.

It doesn't really mean anything else, except for the Cebuano-speaking kinky brains hahaha. At the very least, it illicits a smile!

Proof? As I took that picture, my curious lady companion looked at the marker and read it aloud. She said... "one-ow-ow-two, ow-ten, ay hihihi ow-ten hihihi"!

Her brain, not mine :)

For a more detailed story about kilometer markers, you may recall this topic, or this!


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